be a model

if you wish to become a model with perluca
management and your height
is at least 172cm (5.8 inchs)
and you are 15 to 23 years of age
send us your photos
( no more than 500 kb per photo )
via e-mail or by post to the address below mentioned

raina bulvaris 31/9
lv 1050 riga, latvia

for further information

PS: if we will be interested we will contact you
within 2 weeks we have received your material

if you wish to show yourself,
with or without photos, please call us
phone +371 293 45 916
to make an appointment

few tips how to make photos:
you do not need to send us professional photos
photos taken with a normal camera are just fine
-photos need to be clear
and the person on them has to be easily recognized
-do not wear make-up on photos
-do not wear glasses or jewelry
-your hair must not hide your face
-wear simple clothes ’cause we may be interested in you,
not in your clothes

photos should come with your name,
age, address, phone number,
measurements (chest, waist, hips and weight),
write to us when would be the best time to call you.
if you want us to return your photos please add an envelope with a stamp and your return address